Case study of our distributor Alteris in Poland

Our distributor in Poland Alteris did a case study together with Dolnoslaskie Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego sp. z.o.o. (Wroclaw Psychiatric Hospital), Poland

The hospital offers three types of clinics

  1. Six 24-hour psychiatric clinics: –
  2. Three psychiatric day care units: – ; and
  3. Three care units for alcohol and narcotics and other addictions: –

The pharmacy department employs two full time pharmacists and is renowned for its expertise in psychiatric medicine. Two years ago, the hospital with over 443 medications, including 285 oral solids, installed a JVM DEN pouch packaging machine with 84 canisters plus a STS guide light and a deblister machine.

Since October 2015, it has been supplying medicines packed in unit doses, as part of an overall pharmacy service, to the six 24-hour psychiatric clinics providing care for people with mental disorders. These 24-hour clinics also provide diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services.

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We offer a complete solution when it comes to automated medication dispensing. With an extremely wide range of systems available, we can offer a solution for every pharmacy. Our teams in South Korea and the Netherlands are working daily to develop the next generation of machines and associated software. Our automated dispensing systems which have various capacities for processing patient-specific medication, form the basis of our solutions. Our software offers multiple functionalities: from processing patient and medication data from an OCS file to the management of users and medication management.

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