100% correct pouch packaging on Expopharm!

On this years’ Expopharm, held from September 13-16 in Düsseldorf, HD Medi and JVM will present revolutionary innovations in Hall 5, booth C27. A major one is the NS Premium: a new generation pouch packaging machine that incorporates checking and correction functionality. A great opportunity for pharmacies, hospitals and packaging centers to even further reduce medication errors and to make a great leap forward in cost efficiency.

Next to the functionalities of JVM packaging machines that customers already know, we have now added high end checking technology that enables the pharmacist to have contents checked before they are actually packaged into the pouch. On top of that, the machine can actually re-dispense tablets when there is a drop error.

This will not only reduce the risk of medication errors, but will impact processing costs dramatically. Most labour time in the packaging process is spent on de-blistering and checking and correction. Now checking and correction time is reduced to far less which means that pouch packaging becomes more efficient and economically interesting. Again, JVM shows its market leadership in providing tools to pharmacists to help improve medication adherence and reduce costs of healthcare.