Meet our Italian distributor Ladurner Hospitalia

The company Ladurner Hospitalia is a renowned specialist retailer for medical products with the three associated medical supply outlets Vitaplus. The owner-managed company is a fourth generation family business. Its success is based on decades of experience and professionalism in the highly complex Italian healthcare system.

The company headquarters of Ladurner Hospitalia are located in Merano, South Tyrol, Italy and it currently employs over 33 people. Its customers are senior residences, hospitals, resident private doctors and therapists as well as private customers. The variety of fields of activity has increased steadily over the past decades and ranges from turnkey projects for senior residences to fully automatic packaging for multi-dose-medications.

Already 10 years ago, Ladurner Hospitalia started selling automated packaging systems for multi-dose medication. All over Italy, several such systems have been placed so far. Thanks to the close cooperation with JVM Europe, Ladurner Hospitalia is successfully expanding its leading position in this very special segment of the Italian healthcare market.

Despite the difficult legal situation in Italy in the area of medication blistering, Ladurner Hospitalia has succeeded in establishing a smoothly functioning network. In Italy, too, the future of preparing multi-dose medication is automation, which ensures that multiple medications are given to the right patients at the correct times during the day by simultaneously minimizing the risk of human error. With its own product specialists and service technicians trained by JVM Europe, as well as in cooperation with one of the leading Italian software companies in this area, Ladurner Hospitalia manages to work this market even more specifically and to expand its success further.

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Mr. Mattuzzi (CEO, Ladurner Hospitalia) and Mr. Koo (CEO, JVM Europe)
Ladurner Hospitalia Headquarter in Merano, Italy